Pt is presented to the ED via EMS by his adoptive mother/aunt for aggressive behavior. Pt got angry after his family arrived home, after a parade, without any candy for him. Pt began to punch holes in the wall, beat his adoptive mother with shoes, throw things at family members, and threaten to kill them. Pt currently lives with his aunt and uncle who are also his adoptive parents. There are five other children in the home. Pt’s birth mother’s parental rights were terminated in 2020 due to child neglect. Pt carries current diagnoses of ADHD, other specified trauma and stressor related disorder, and other specified neurodevelopmental disorder. There is a strong suspicion of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, although a diagnosis has not been given due to inability to confirm maternal alcohol use during pregnancy. There is genetic loading for mood disorders and substance use. Pt was most recently in a residential treatment facility for six months, and discharged home about a week ago. Pt has a history of inpatient hospitalizations for his aggression with his last hospitalization taking place from 10/26-11/09/2022.