**For follow up please contact Stacy Stickney-Ferguson, HCMC pediatric social worker at 612-873-2259 or email stacy.stickneyferguson@hcmed.org

Brought in my EMS after being kicked out of the Bridge for Youth shelter- tripped over 4-foot fence and broke right ankle while eloping. Has been staying with friends. Grandmother is guardian and lives in North Carolina. Returned to MN in Foster Care in December of 2023. Has a case manager through Brown County, Denise Kamm (507-276-3411). Denise reports patient has run away from multiple group homes, foster homes, and shelters. Denise the CM saying she has exhausted resources, places, and shelters for this patient. Denise says trying to find a shelter but likely not going to be able.

Currently in the HCMC Emergency Department but is pending admission up to our pediatric floor for boarding until placement can be determined. Please see above contact information for follow up. Has a broken ankle that is splinted and in a stirrup brace, she will have crutches on discharge. No pertinent medical history noted. High elopement risk.