Recommendation is RTC-
Avanti -referral made, accepted, can admit next week -just waiting county funding
North Homes- referral made
Gerard- referral made

Presenting Problems: Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, SI/SIB, Inpatient for the third time this year, has done PHP twice this year


ADHD, Suicidal ideation, Homicidal ideation on presentation, verbal aggression on presentation, mother in-and-out of jail, inconsistent schooling. No physical aggression toward others. Enjoys school. Recent stay at Hope House. Became suicidal, punched a wall, came to ED for crisis stabilization. Resident of Blue Earth County, mom in jail, no father involved. No consistent housing, schooling or services. He was prescribed a med, for ADHD, but hasn’t been consistently taking it due to moving around so much. Hasn’t stayed anywhere long enough for a complete assessment. Calm sweet and appropriate. Wants to go back to Hope House. Possible connections, Prairie Care, on the list for CRTC. Bar None will review, but no openings right now. Went to Prairie Care in Maple Grove. Was sent home by Carver Co Crisis.


10 male Autistic aggressive at home and due to aggressive mom cannot care for him at home. Incontinent. Excused from MAC due to property destruction. Blue Earth County involved.