12.21.23 This week the case worker came and discharged the child. Created safely plan, and child went home with gramma.

12/13/2023-History of Present Illness: This is a 10-year-old female patient was assessed by the crisis team crisis team recommended the patient go to a higher level care. Patient brought to ED for placement. The patient currently lives with grandmother but is Custody Of Indian child welfare. The patient has a history of PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, The patient has been hospitalized previously at primary care in Brooklyn Center Minnesota for 9 days, on October 23, 2023. The patient has a history of a mental health team including a home counselor at school counselor and outpatient services. Patient was transported here by law enforcement services. On examination the patient denies any pain Or complaints. There are 2 workers from Indian child welfare present with the patient here.Patient evidence of UTI Macrobid 100 mg orally was given Patient will need prescription Patient is transferred or discharge. 
Impression: #1 Behavioral issue #2 UTI

Writer met with pt, sleeping and did not wake, and pt’s social worker Vanessa 218-850-9918 to discuss prior services. Pt has several services in place to assist with managing her behaviors. She has a therapist she sees regularly, medication management, is on an IEP, is able to take breaks at school, has in home services, engages in skills work, and does family therapy. Pt is in foster care with her grandma and has been since a young age. Pt does see her mom and gets violent with the siblings. Pt is violent both at school and will destroy property. Pt has aggression towards grandmother and will hit her, law enforcement has been called, however, grandmother does not file charges. Pt was in Prairie Care in October for roughly 9 days with no issues. At this time ICW social worker and grandmother feel inpatient treatment is the next option. Residential treatment was discussed briefly, however, without any legal charges or any recommendations, as well as pt’s young age as a barrier, residential placement is not an option at this time.
Staff will continue to look for inpatient treatment at this time.


Child admitted to ED in agitated state with foster parents. Has had history of trauma and abuse. School refusal and elopement from past treatment settings.