1 week prior to ED pt was found tied up in her home by her parents. She was taken to Children’s and placed into foster care. Mother didn’t believe in Western Medicine and was using THC and tying her up to treat pt’s agitation in the home. Pt presented to Regions ED from the foster home due to increase agitation and needing more staff support, pt has severe ASD, DD. Hx of violence towards self and others. She can’t eat without someone holding her hands because she hits everything away. She is mostly nonverbal, only knows a few words.
Has been in the ED for over 165 hours, she has been started on medications and we have seen a decrease in her level of agitation. She has been more cooperative with ADLs, takes medications, and eating meals w/ assist and staff have been able to redirect her before a code needs to be called. Pt has been declined by all inpatient facilities at this time. CPS in Anoka is current guardian. Has DD waiver. Regions providing sensory support, weighted blankets, stuffed animals, music. Needs 24/7 support.
Mom currently in custody.


Emotional dysregulation, high emotional reactivity in the home. Transgender. Housing insecure – soon to be evicted. Been in hospital 3 times this year. Recommend residential treatment. Meeting with mom today 12/22/22. Qualified person process can take up to 30 days.


Emotional dysregulation, discharged from crisis respite home due to aggressive incident. Frequent episodes of dysregulation around electronics. Has been calm & cooperative in our hospital. Mom’s rights are terminated, but she had daily phone contact and monthly visits.


substance use, dysregulation, personality struggles and mania. Waiting for residential. Struggles with Substance dependance. ED. emotional disreg. Level 5 resid. being recommended. Accepted to VOA CRTC, 2-4 week wait. Discharging to home to wait for funding.


Brought to ED after altercation with mom (family adopted patient after years of fostering). Patient went after mom with a knife, patient reports conflicting stories about incident and what she remembers happened. Had been in residential over a year ago. Was recently suspended from school for 10 days after getting into a fight with another student. Unclear if there have been any other incidents of this nature with mom or family, however, mom is not feeling safe if patient were to return home. CPS is involved, Nexus is now involved, but no placement options on horizon at this time.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: physical aggression. Patient has prior diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, Intellectual Disability, and Mood Disorder. Patient has prior presentations for behavioral issues and outbursts at United, Mercy, and Abbott. Patient lives with his mother and 5 other siblings. Patient and his family were outside, when he says his sister started mocking him. Patient hit his sister twice, and then his brother. Patient then came up behind his mother, as if to hit her, and his brother stepped in. Patient’s mother is refusing to pick him up.
Patient’s family is moving this week, and he does not want to move.


Diabetic, needing crisis respite or group home

Discharged to Meridian Crisis Respite in Golden Valley on 9/15/22.


Patient is presented to the ED by EMS for aggressive behavior towards staff and another resident in his group home. At the group home staff brought the patient out to his school transportation but the patient became dysregulated when he saw the driver was different from prior trips. Patient then eloped to a neighbor’s house where he entered. Staff followed and called the police. Patient was brought back to the group home, but later got into a physical fight with another resident and staff member. Police were called a second time, and patient was transported to the hospital using restraints. The patient has a history of ED visits and has had approximately 6 previous hospital admissions (5/21; 7/21; 10/21; 11/21; 12/21; 9/22). The patient has a diagnosis history of DMDD, ODD, ADHD, GAD, depression, and RAD