Primary Recommendation – RTC
-Nexus Gerard, accepted, admission 2/9 at 1000

Other RTC referrals:
-Avanti, declined
-North Homes, declined
-PrairieCare Residential, declined due to aggression
-Northwoods, referral made, declined for RTC

-Northwest Passages (Prairieview), county made referral, waitlist 2-4 months
-Lad Lake in Wisconsin, county made referral
-Youth Villages in Memphis; county made referral, reviewing
-Lava Heights in Utah; county made referral
-Falcon Ridge in Utah; county made referral
-Newport News in Virginia; county made referral
-Summit Oaks in South Dakota, county made referral, declined
-Provo Canyon in Utah; county made referral, declined
-Rogers, Hennepin County does not contract/won’t provide funding

Due to declines from QRTP, exploring PRTF options:
-Nexus East Bethel; referral made, not covered by insurance, potential to switch insurance, reviewing
-Northwoods; referral made, waitlist 2+ years

Bridge to RTC/PRTF; if warranted:
Establish CMHCM (Assigned to Kimberly Trembley through Hennepin County, 612-743-1549, waiting for QI approval for funding)
Establish PHP (SW to reschedule if/when appropriate)

Other Referrals Made:
Acadia Treatment Placement Specialists; referral made

Outpatient Recommendations:
Establish Individual Therapy
Establish Family Therapy
Continue PCP at Indian Health Board in Minneapolis


Presenting Problems: Experiencing school stressors, family dynamic changes, depression, mood lability, SI via ingestion.