Recommendation is for level 5 QRTP, patient is currently inpatient.
Patient admitted on 5.29 to inpatient hospital. Patient has had 3 prior inpatient hospitalizations at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. January 2022, July 2023 and August 2023 her mother estimated. She also has participated in partial program. Patient had no incidents of aggression towards peers or staff. Referring information described her as needing to be on 1:1 staffing, due to aggression on the unit, however this was prior to the last inpatient hospitalization, in which no incidents of aggression were reported. The initial statement of ‘no incidents of aggression” was reported by the patient herself. Patient does have a history of psychiatric hospitalizations, day treatment, skills groups and individual therapy. Patient does not have a history of eating disorder treatment. Patient does have formal mental health history, including formal psychiatric evaluations, engagement in therapy, psychotropic medication trials and psychiatric hospitalizations.

Residential Treatment (referrals submitted 6/24, pending county funding)
– Avanti
– North Homes
– Nexus Gerard


5/20/24: Patient discharged from inpatient and admitted to PCR.

5/8 update: Patient scheduled for admission to PrairieCare Residential on 5/20/24 at 10:00am.
5/6 update: Patient is currently awaiting an RTC bed through PrairieCare Residential in Maple Grove. Patient has been approved for 3rd pathway funding through Hennepin County. Due to patient behaviors seeming to increase, other options are being explored for aftercare as denials are a possibility. Parents do not feel safe with the patient coming home.

Discharge Plan:
Residential Treatment:
-PrairieCare Residential; intake 5/20/24 at 1000

Other RTC Referrals:
-Nexus Gerard; referral made
-North Homes; referral made, declined due to FAS and IQ
-Avanti Center for Girls; referral made, declined due to aggression and peer conflict

Outpatient Providers:
Establish CMHCM; opened with Soreya Jama through Hennepin County, 3rd pathway funding approved

Establish/Continue CTSS with Samira through Nexus FACTS
Continue Therapy with Mary Midler at Great Lakes Neurobehavioral Center in Edina (weekly)
Continue PCP with Dr. Megan Reilly at Partners in Pediatrics in Plymouth
Continue Psychiatry with Gerard Balan at Plymouth Psych Group
Continue IEP Case Management with Yvette Zeese at Wayzata High School
Continue Neurological Services with Dr. Catalfamo at Noral Neurological Clinic in Bloomington

ADMISSION NOTE: Patient was admitted due to acute safety concern and was unable to contract for safety at home. Pt was in PHP in the past and family was monitoring her 24/7 at home as instructed. Pt became irritated that she is constantly being watched and ended up having altercation with her mother because she was instructed by her mother to change outside of her bedroom because the mother was unable to see her. Pt ended up leaving and went to her grandmother’s house which is next door while mom followed her, pt went straight to the kitchen grabbed a knife and start threatening to stab herself. Mother was able to wrestle the knife out of her hands and called EMS. Pt has a history of depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and fetal alcohol syndrome.


Update 5/14/24: Patient discharged home to the care of her guardian with outpatient supports to bridge Day Treatment.
Update 5/10/24: Patient tentatively scheduled to discharge home on 5/14/24, with outpatient supports to bridge PHP at Amberwing.
Update 5/6/24: Douglas County CPS is navigating PHP and Day Treatment with the guardian for aftercare. PHP waitlist is approximately 3 weeks and guardian still needs to obtain insurance coverage. Douglas County CPS will be closing out their case on 5/10/24 due to a lack of immediate safety concerns as evidenced by the guardian willing to take the patient home.

Update 4/30/24: Guardian is making statements of wanting the patient to return home. Patient was declined from foster placements in Wisconsin, and family placement is not an option either. Douglas County, WI, CPS, working with the guardian on a transition plan home, including Day Treatment and Outpatient Therapy. Patient remains at the hospital.

Update 4/24/24: Parent still not willing/able to take pt home. County involved and navigating alternative living arrangement/placement. DC rec is PHP.

Update 4/17/24: Parent still not willing/able to take pt home. County involved and navigating alternative living arrangement/placement. DC rec is PHP.

Update 4/3/24: Parent still not willing/able to take pt home. County involved. DC rec is PHP, openings available at PC PHP when patient is able.

Patient was admitted from Essentia Health in Duluth after attempting to run away from home. Pt has conflict w/ dad & has made HI statements toward him (burning him, switching meds out so he will OD). Pt also has a Hx of inappropriate sexual behavior with older men & on the internet.

Historically, patient lived with extended relatives for the first 11 years of her life due to mitigating circumstances that did not allow biological parents to meet her needs. Patient then went to live with her biological mom and was then sent to live with her dad, as mom was unable to meet patient needs. Patient has been with dad for about 1 month now, and he has indicated that he cannot meet her needs either, and declines for the patient to return home.

Discharge Plan:
PrairieCare Recommends:
Establish PHP; county coordinating with Amberwing, estimated 3-week waitlist

Establish Individual and Family Therapy:
-Insight Counseling in Duluth; referral made
-SOAR Services in Superior, WI; referral made
-Nystrom and Associates in Duluth; referral made

Establish PCP
Establish CMHCM (Open with Kalley Rustad at Douglas County CPS for long-term supports, closing case 5/10)
Establish CLTS (Referral made to Douglas County, CPS also coordinating)

Estimated length of stay:
Seven to ten treatment days; patient is medically ready for discharge; pending Douglas County, WI, establishing aftercare with the guardian. Guardian is now willing to take the patient home.


Primary Recommendation – RTC
-Nexus Gerard, accepted, admission 2/9 at 1000

Other RTC referrals:
-Avanti, declined
-North Homes, declined
-PrairieCare Residential, declined due to aggression
-Northwoods, referral made, declined for RTC

-Northwest Passages (Prairieview), county made referral, waitlist 2-4 months
-Lad Lake in Wisconsin, county made referral
-Youth Villages in Memphis; county made referral, reviewing
-Lava Heights in Utah; county made referral
-Falcon Ridge in Utah; county made referral
-Newport News in Virginia; county made referral
-Summit Oaks in South Dakota, county made referral, declined
-Provo Canyon in Utah; county made referral, declined
-Rogers, Hennepin County does not contract/won’t provide funding

Due to declines from QRTP, exploring PRTF options:
-Nexus East Bethel; referral made, not covered by insurance, potential to switch insurance, reviewing
-Northwoods; referral made, waitlist 2+ years

Bridge to RTC/PRTF; if warranted:
Establish CMHCM (Assigned to Kimberly Trembley through Hennepin County, 612-743-1549, waiting for QI approval for funding)
Establish PHP (SW to reschedule if/when appropriate)

Other Referrals Made:
Acadia Treatment Placement Specialists; referral made

Outpatient Recommendations:
Establish Individual Therapy
Establish Family Therapy
Continue PCP at Indian Health Board in Minneapolis


Presenting Problems: Experiencing school stressors, family dynamic changes, depression, mood lability, SI via ingestion.