Update 2/15/24- waiting admission to Grafton end of Feb- date pending- can discharge home interim, pending availability.
Pt is medically cleared for discharge- parents informed county they need to pursue crisis respite for patient.

Discharge Plan:
Residential treatment referrals-
Grafton PRTF (Accepted, next opening tentative end of February)
Northwood Children’s (Referral not sent d/t insurance)
Nexus-East Bethel (Denied d/t not in 6th grade)
Nexus-Gerard (Denied d/t functioning for programming)
Avanti Center (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
VOA-Bar None (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Heartland Girls’ Ranch (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Nexus-Mille Lacs (Referral not sent d/t male only programming)
North Homes (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Newport Academy (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age and insurance)
PrairieCare Residential (Referral not sent d/t insurance)
Village Ranch (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Northwest Passage (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch (Referral not sent d/t not ND resident)
Rogers Behavioral Health (Referral not sent d/t insurance)

Plan to bridge until residential availability:
Cradle of Love (Accepted, pending county funding)
Northwood Children’s Shelter (CM placing referral)
Kindred Care (CM placing referral)
MCCP Crisis Respite (CADI CM placing referral)
Trauma focused/attachment therapy (Referrals to be placed by CM)

Continue with established outpatient providers:
Ramsey County CADI- (Shakir Consulting Services)
Ramsey County CMHCM- B
PCP- (Entira Vadnais Heights)
OT- Fairview
CTSS- (Nystrom & Associates)
PCA/companion care 3x/week


Patient was adopted 2 years prior from Bulgaria. Initially, patient had very odd behaviors. For example, he would like his adoptive dad to be present in the bathroom when he went to the bathroom and showered. Parents state his behaviors have escalated. He has tried to masturbate the dog. He draws pictures of men with erections. He has exposed his genitals to his siblings. Purposefully incontinent of stool at tines. He has killed a Chinchilla and possibly several cats. He has tried to strangle the dog. They found sharp objects including a razor and sharp screwdriver under the bed. He did cut the top of his left hand but states this was an accident. Adoptive mom states they have a special needs child and patient has tried to harm this child. Parents are worried about safety within the home and are unable to bring him home at this time.