These notes are from when this child was at RMC – was admitted there 4/7/2022:
ASD, DD, physical and verbal aggression, agitation, trauma, IQ 51, intermittently toilet trained, was in foster care – didn’t work d/t violent behavior. Has a Waiver. Attending PT/OT/SLP while in ED. Tried a respite stay but came back – difficulty with another child there. Under Sibley County now. Grandmother legal custodian – appropriate and involved. He had a low IQ but hasn’t ever attended school regularly. Has done well at Ridgeview. ST/OT/PT. Language improving. Was behaviorally frequently incontinent, better now. Not as into his technology. Continuing to refer to multiple facilities- all say no for multiple reasons. Case manager looking for foster home. He eats well, limited sugar. Much less violence now since April, but it’s the reason why he’s been declined. He needs someone to take a chance – he’s doing well at Ridgeview. Once he gets established, he will most likely do well. Does not need 1:1 attn. Turns 11 in Feb. He’s 1:2 or 1:4. he is on his own 75% of day. He showers, gets dressed, uses toilet, cleans himself up if he has an accident. Takes meds well. Documentation from hospitals is problematic as they mostly document the problems or issues and not the strengths or improvements. CPS has closed the chip case on him. Gramma is now the custodian.
Update: He is completely stable w/ meds. He’s completely continent now. Participating w/ ST, PT, OT. Language skills have grown tremendously. Looking into foster care, w/ just him or 1 other child. Turns 11 in Feb.
Referrals in all over the country. Grafton reached out 11/17. 10 page list, both sides, of rejections. He is a big kid, and when he becomes aggressive – security comes – 98% of the time he can be redirected. In April – there was some violence toward staff, not now. Sibley county is looking for a congregate setting, more staff instead of family. Has Disability services been involved? yes. Multiple care conferences. Grafton originally declined because the behavior score was too high. Should Grafton receive new updates to reconsider? turns 11 in Feb.

Was sent to Juvenile Detention on 1/28/23. Then (date unknown) to home in custody of grandmother. Now at FV Masonic since 2/2023